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Jellycat Bashful Bunnies

They're just too cute! Jellycat bunnies from The Parsley Pot

We have fallen in love with the gorgeous Jellycat bunnies, and so will you! These fun characters are adored by children and adults alike.

Come and see the great collection of Jellycat bunnies at The Parsley Pot. And it's not just squeezably soft toys! We stock a range of incredible product that include bunny baby soothers and rattles, bunny blankets and bunny books. These make fantastic gifts for little ones will be cherished as they grow up.

Jellycat bunnies soft toys come in a variety of sizes, from lovely big cuddly plush toys to cute little baby bunnies. The big Jellycat bunnies are perfect for small children to hug and cuddle up to, making a lovely soft pillow to help them settle down. These super cuddly toys are made from a variety of materials, including jersey cotton, suede and corduroy.

For babies, come and see the choice of accessories that feature these super Jellycat bunnies! The Jellycat Bashful collection is made of the softest material, which is super-safe even for newborns. They're incredibly durable too, thankfully - no little hands could resist pulling on their fabulously floppy fluffy ears!

Order from our collection of Jellycat bunnies today. We have a wide range of these incredible items available to order now. Enjoy the cute Stargazer bunny, the bright and bold Les Animals range, the Jellycat Puff collection and Jellycat Bashfuls. These cute new friends are great present ideas for children and adults alike. You can never get enough of Jellycat!

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