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Willow Tree

Thoughtful and adorable - the unique figures from Willow Tree

Deeply personal, Willow Tree figurines make a truly unique gift, for yourself or your loved ones. Start your collection today and order from The Parsley Pot.

Each piece has a different theme, which reflects a mood or an occasion. Lovingly crafted from willow wood, these remarkable figures express a range of emotions from the simplest of gestures. You will find a Willow Tree figurine that captures that special day or commemorate a particular feeling.

Occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and red letter days are given a place in the Willow Tree range. But the collection of Willow Tree figurines also marks out those memorable, personal days in our lives. From a marriage, to moving home, the arrival of a new baby, and many more important milestones are featured. Each special moment is captured with these gorgeous gifts.

Even precious times between a parents, grandparents and children, leaving home, starting a new job are represented among the Willow Tree selection. These stunning figures stand as a testament to our lives and the influence with have on each other. They offer a celebration of joy, love, new life and even loss.

Each Willow Tree figurine is crafted to make the most of the quality of the wood. The carvings are elegant, and from the gestures and poses of these remarkable pieces the emotion is clear and genuine. When it's hard to say the words, a figurine from Willow Tree speaks volumes.

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